Reasons Why Your Window Glass Spontaneously Breaks

Several reports have been recorded, of glasses from windows in high rise buildings breaking unexpectedly and falling from such heights. These reports have surfaced from different places and are extremely dangerous. We are Staines Glazing are here to ensure that all your Windows are fitted, safely and securely. Visit our Website and see some of our Client Testimonials.

This has caused builders and glaziers to reconsider the type of glass to use to ensure safety. Due to this, the term “safety glazing” has been introduced. Safety glazing refers to any glass that has been engineered to minimise the potential for injury, and they are required for glass doors, skylights, shower doors or even car windshields.

There are a wide variety of glazing companies in London. These glazing companies employ the three different types of safety glazing, the most common being tempered glass. This is safest because when it breaks; it shatters into tiny pieces and cannot cause serious injury. This is because the glass is heated and cooled rapidly. Other types of safety glazing are laminating and heat-strengthening, with the latter not being technically safe because it produces long shards when broken, and this can cause serious injuries. 

Causes Of Glass Breakage

Glass may seem secured, with the look of sophistication. However, they are vulnerable to some failures, probably on the part of the glaziers or the user. 

Notwithstanding, they include; 

  • Frame -related breakage : This is when there is an expansion and subsequent contraction of the glass framing member. It occurs when some basic things that should be available during installation are missing. Such things can include setting blocks or edge blocks in a mental window or wall frame.  In some cases, they are not sufficient enough to cushion the glass from the metal during contact caused by wind or temperature. As a result, the edge of the glass is damaged due to friction with the metal frame and can over time, cause the glass to fall unexpectedly. Glaziers should ensure that these essential parts are available before installation. 
  • Poor edge quality : This defect stems from the factory, whereas it is cut into panel size or during packaging or shipping, there is a chip or dent around the edge. It may not be evident initially, but stress around the edges after it has been installed can cause spontaneous breakage, thereby resulting in emergency glass repair.At Glaziers London, every glass panel is ensured to be free from factory defects before distribution.
  • Thermal stress : This is another cause of sudden glass breakage. It is caused by the differences in temperature of the centre of the glass and its edge, with the centre being hotter. This condition if left unchecked, can lead to tensile stress at the edge of the glass. When this exceeds the strength of the edge of the glass, the glass breaks. 

Possible Solution of Spontaneous Glass Breakage

Heat-soaking has been considered a possible solution to spontaneous breakage. It involves heat soaking tempered glass in temperature of about 288°C to 316°C for about 2 -4 hours. 

However, this is not a guaranteed solution as there are risks involved like the reduction of the glass surface compression. The safest solution has been discovered so use laminated tempered glass or heat-strengthened glass. 

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