The Surrey shopping centre giving back to the Staines community with donations to Eco-friendly projects

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One business wanting to do its bit is Two Rivers Shopping Centre, in the heart of Staines-upon-Thames.Having carried out a number of eco-friendly initiatives over the last few months, we found out how it has made a positive impact on the local community.

The Eco Pot Project has so far donated £1,293 to local community groups.Joanna Hall, centre manager at Two Rivers Shopping Centre, said: “It’s important to help raise as much awareness of the environmental and climate issues facing the world today and also what we here at Two Rivers and our stores are doing to help tackle this ongoing problem.”

Making Staines sustainable

The Staines Park Residents Association volunteers will be scattering a minimum of 35 different plant species.After revealing its brand-new eco logo, designed by Imogen, a year six from Thorpe Lea Primary School, Two Rivers launched its Eco Pot campaign last year.

The logo was branded on several of the centre’s eco-friendly products including reusable cups and bags. These were then sold to raise money for local organisations – many of whom may struggle to become environmentally friendly due to cost issues.

Funds were also raised from various events and the Christmas card JustGiving page.With the initiative ongoing, the first two organisations to benefit have been revealed – Staines Park Residents Association (SPRA) and Staines Methodist Church.

The two organisations revealed how they plan to spend the money and the impact it will have on the local environment.The money will be used to purchase seeds to be grown by SPRA volunteers and members of the local Staines community.

The team will be scattering a minimum of 35 different species of biennial and perennial plug plants including Bird’s-Foot-Trefoil, Toadflax, Field Scabious and Betony.Wild honeysuckle will also be planted, hugely beneficial to moths and butterflies.

Inviting the whole Staines community to get involved with the planting, SPRA will be holding a Wildflower Meadow Day. The Beavers and Cubs of the 6th Staines Scout Group will also get involved by growing their own flowers.Many of these plants have been chosen from the RHS ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ list, and all approved by Spelthorne Borough Council for the meadow.

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Funds will also be used to purchase gardening equipment as well as maintaining and improving Staines Park’s sweeps, ditch, pond and banks.Janet Redij-Gill, SPRA biodiversity team, commented: “We are thrilled to have been awarded funding from the Two Rivers Eco Pot scheme.

“It means we can forge ahead with establishing our own informal nature reserve, a place that will be created by the community for everyone to enjoy.

“With 97% fewer wildflower meadows than in the 1950s, and declines in species across the board, it’s imperative that we give nature a helping hand. Thanks to Two Rivers and support from Spelthorne Borough Council we can make this dream a reality.”

Funds received from the Two River’s Eco Pot will see Staines Methodist Church be able to purchase its very first recyclable bin.The church currently hosts events for more than 24 different groups, however cups used at these events are unable to be recycled due to the church not having a recyclable bin.

With the introduction of the new bin, the church will only purchase recyclable cups – implementing an eco-friendlier choice.Geoff Nicholson, treasurer at Staines Methodist Church, said: “We’re delighted our application for funds from Two River’s Eco Pot has been accepted, seeing the money used to purchase recyclable bins.

“It’s great to be able to put sustainability to the forefront of the Staines’s community. We’d like to thank Two Rivers for their continued efforts in helping to raise the profile and the importance of being as eco-friendly as possible.”Joanna added: “We’d like to thank all the local businesses and organisations who entered into our Eco Pot application process.

“We’re thrilled to be able to see money raised from our own eco initiatives injected back into the community – truly representing the power of sustainability.”

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